Monday, October 20, 2008

Bamako, Mali

Good morning everyone. Ohio time is 2:30am...Bamako time is 6:30am. We just arrived at the guest house. Bob picked us up at the airport and we started here. We had a little car accident on the way here (everyone is ok...I just scraped my elbow on something when we hit) and had to be towed the rest of the way as the radiator sprung a big leak. Bob is planning to remove the radiator and try to get it fixed today so that we can get to Koutiala. For now, I'm getting ready to lie down and get some rest. It's been a long couple of days!! Thanks for all your prayers...without them and God's protection, who knows how all this travel would have gone. He definitely has His protecting hand over each and every one of us!!


Sarah said...

Wow, you know how to make me shake first thing in the morning. I'm so VERY thankful that you are OK!

In the testimony in our small group lesson last night, the guy tells about losing his friend --in a car accident while on a mission trip in Africa! I saw it while I was reading and almost couldn't read it. Then I see this first thing this morning. Ahh! Don't do that to me.

But I will praise God that you all are OK. And I will immediately pray protection over you. I love you so much! Keep safe!

Bethany said...

Matt, I love that you keep us updated. Have a great trip and let us know if there are specifics we can pray about for you!!

Love, Bethany

Bethany said...

Matt, I love that you are keeping people updated on the trip. Glad all is going well. Let me know if there are specific ways that I can pray for you!!

Bev Schmunk said...

Love you. Glad you are okay. God has it all in His hands and He will continue to hold you close while you are doing His work. Be safe and know that we are praying for you. Also the whole Bethel church is praying for you. Mom