Friday, October 24, 2008


Blessings to all out there! I hope that you are all having a great day!

Today, I woke up not feeling well. It feels similar to the flu. I started my Cipro antibiotic at lunch and slept all afternoon. I felt bad to not go to the work site, but think I needed the rest. We had pizza at Bob the builder's house tonight. I'm not thinking that's a true malian feast.
Sorry I'm not writing much tonight, but I need to lay down so hopefully I can go to the worksite in the morning and a picnic in the afternoon/evening.

Thanks for your continued prayers over our team. I think that the jet lag has caught up to some of us, so we really need the rest tonight!

God bless!

Oh, Beth just gave me more new pictures. There's some of the triplets and one new baby. Enjoy!

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Sarah Schmunk said...

Oh no, I hope that you are feeling better very VERY soon. Take care of yourself! We will be praying away the sickness. I love you!

Just dawned on my that it's a bit ironic that Zac was briefly sick today. He threw up when we climbed out of the car in COlumbus, but he was perfectly fine the rest of the day. Sympathy sickness?