Sunday, October 5, 2008

God is good!

Wow, I've been thinking a lot about the past year of preparation for our Mali trip. God has been doing amazing things that I would have never imagined. But, isn't everything within God's power to do? I've been completely at peace about flying to Africa...even though I was pretty white knuckled on my only other flight experience (Seattle). I know this is only because God is calming all fears and that so many of my friends and family are praying for me. The other gigantic thing that God did in this past year was provide all of the needed finances for me to go on this trip. So many family and friends have put financial support into this that I hope they are truely blessed through their gifts. I look forward to sending out letters telling stories about the trop to all the supporters out there. Most recently, God calmed my fears of speaking in front of a group...and I didn't even know it was matter how small of a speaking thing it was. Today, we were introduced to the congregation at church as the team going to Mali. The pastor asked me when we were leaving and when we would return. I felt like I blanked completely, but Sarah told me I was really quick to respond. Any other time, my response would have been ummmmmmmmmmmm. I have asked my prayer partners to pray that I would overcome my fears of speaking in front of people so that I will be prepared to share my personal story (testimony) with those that I meet on this trip and in my daily life. I think this short answer on stage today shows me that God is definitely working in my life! So, I'm signing off for tonight, but wanted to share a couple thoughts that had crossed my mind. I'll try to post daily once we're on the trip itself!

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Bethany said...


Not only did you answer quickly, but you answered correctly. And people really connected with you. It was great to have people up there to see. I am soooooooooooo excited to hear your stories.