Monday, October 20, 2008

koutiala, Mali

Ok, so I have a little time tonight, so I'll post some extra information.

So, I'll start with last night. Bob picked us up from the airport. Immediately, we realized we were in for a treat...driving in Mali. The driving is pretty fast and erratic. Anyway, we were driving to the guest house when a taxi swerved into our lane, apparently trying to miss a pothole. Our front driver's side hit bumper hit the taxi's rear passenger side bumper and smashed the rear window of the taxi. Of course, I don't think the mattress in his rear window was helping him watch for traffic behind him...
So, we got a few hours of sleep early this morning before heading out for the 5.5 hour drive to Koutiala. Yes, Bob was able to fix the van. One of the radiators had a hole in it, so he just bypassed the smaller radiator until he can get a new one from Japan.
Our trip to Koutiala was very interesting. People, bicycles, motobikes, donkey-drawn carts, etc...were in the streets throughout the journey. Traffic lanes are kinda non-existant as you just pass or get out of the way most of the time. We only hit one thing...a chicken. And the locals picked it up almost immediately...probably for supper. When we got to the "compound" in Koutiala, we were welcomed at the side of the drive by Terry, Barry, Craig, Marilyn, Daniel, Amy, and so many many more great people doing God's work here in Koutiala. I can't remember all their names yet. They had prepared an amazing spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad for all of us.
So, we're preparing for bed right now, but I'm going to try to get out another update tomorrow...and maybe I won't be quite as tired. We have to leave here at 7:10am for devotions at the hospital before starting work on the warehouse.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Great details ... thank you so much. Please tell Greg I'll be checking the blog each day. I'm praying that you're all resting well tonight.

Ruth Ann said...

Hi Matt,

Thank you for the great writing and trip details. Please tell Greg I'll be checking every day. Praying that you all rest well tonight.