Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Pig Farm

Good evening and blessings to all! We're all sitting here wondering why Ohio State isn't on TV and why so late at night...I mean it won't be on 'til midnight our time.
Tonight, several of the missionaries took us on a picnic to "The Pig Farm". Apparently, a man tried to start a pig farm and had built several pens (walls) out of rock. They don't really know if it was EVER used to house pigs. Anyway, there's a waterfall (not a lot of water, but some) there. We ate right beside the water fall. We had some time to explore a little and many climbed to the bottom of the falls. The funny story for this adventure would be...I had been out exploring by myself and came back to ask about a nearby village. Craig Hanscome jokingly said that 4 people from a previous team had been captured and held by the villagers. Anyway...I started exploring again and all of the sudden, I turned around and a young boy from Mali was almost right behind me. For a second, I thought...was he serious? Well, the boy kept on walking down into the valley below us. It was beautiful out there in the middle of nowhere. It was interesting to hear some of the villagers singing in the valley and see the cattle on the far cliffs. It's so amazing to sit back after a week of hard work and just admire the beauty that God has created. Every fall, we like to go hiking somewhere just to enjoy the outdoors and see the beauty that God has created for us. This was again beyond my imagination. God is sooooo awesome!

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