Sunday, October 26, 2008


Blessings on the Lord's day! I hope I find you on a very relaxing Sunday!

Today, we attended Germaine's (C&MA) church here in Koutiala. It was an amazing time of worship right along side of the Malian people. I have several videos of the music. The sound quality isn't the best, but I'm hoping maybe I can edit it a little when we get home. The movie files are too large for me to post on the internet from our slow connection here, but I will try to get them online as soon as we get home. Germaine seemed so happy to have us here and we enjoyed the full circle of her being in our church earlier this year and now we're here.
After church, Barry and Terry had us over for an amazing lunch/brunch. The food was really great and the fellowship with them was even better. We had another time of sharing what has surprised us or touched us most here. I am still struck by the love I have for the Malian people. Many shared different things. Terry shared with us the great need for more people to come forward wanting to be nurses and workers at the hospital. They need more Malians to feel God's leading to work at the hospital to relieve some of the work load that is on the current staff there. We also discussed needs at the church we attended. They are in need of more benches and a better sound system (currently just a mic plugged into a bullhorn). They also need more space for Sunday school for the kids. This church has several people who go out to the small villages and spread God's word. They have seen the church continue to grow because of this. This is very encouraging to hear about more Malians finding out about Christ.
Barry took us around and showed us his garden/fruit trees. He is growing bananas, guava, oranges, papayas, mangos, grapes, and cinnamon apples (think that's what he called them...they don't look anything like apples).
As I leave you this afternoon, I would ask that you pray for Anco, who is the technical guy around here. He does a lot of work with solar power, networking/computers, and many other things. He is very ill right now with an unknown illness. I believe they are treating him for Malaria, but they are unsure of what he has. Just pray that God will place a miraculous healing upon him in this time.

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