Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday before bedtime

Good evening to all that are reading. I pray blessings over all of you!

We went to the market today. It is quite the sensory experience. It's kind of an overload of smells, sights, and all that go along with it. I'll tell you that I see some of the young kids from Mali and just want to bring them home with me. They are so full of joy. It's almost as if you can see love in their eyes. God has definitely opened my eyes to see the people here and how they adapt to living in such a poor area. It's amazing when you think about all that we have in the USA and still, we often want more. Here, many only have enough food to last them from day to day and often they raise their own food, whether it be livestock, grains, or other produce. I'm still a bit in awe when I see the living conditions here. And yet in such a poor place, God has placed His hospital and church in the middle of it all as a beacon of love and light to all that will here it.
Tonight, we had dinner at Tim and Beth Wright's house. We had a traditional Malian food...americaned up. It was called Peanut Gravy and rice. The american part was ground beef...they would usually have chicken or chunks of meat. It was a peanuty sauce with squash, eggplant, cabbage, and ground beef. It tasted amazing!
So, anyway, the main purpose of my post tonight is just to say that I uploaded some new pics to my photobucket. There are several of Beth and Jane at the hospital. I borrowed/took them from Beth's camera and from Barry and Terry. I hope you can enjoy them and that it's not too hard to find the new ones. I haven't actually tried looking through them, so I hope you are able to go to the end and look at the newest ones instead of looking at all of them over and over.
Good night all...and thank you for all of your prayers. And...if Sharon Riley is reading...thank you so much for the Spiritual Armor bookmark you sent with me. I've prayed/put on the armor every morning and am thankful for the protection it provides over us.


Sarah Schmunk said...

Hi honey. We love hearing the stories about things you're doing there. The meal tonight sounds interesting...nothing like the Panera meal we had for dinner.

I knew the market would be a great experience for you. Glad you got to go.

When you load new pictures, they come to the front. SO it is easy to see the new ones. Just wanted you to know that we can see them well. I know when you get back you'll have more time to work with them and describe them better.

Love you.

Jamie said...

you are doing such an awesome job updating the photos!!! Thanks so much for keeping us all up to date on what you guys are doing!!

Doug A said...


Peanut gravy and rice is one of my favorites! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

Doug A