Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, things are still going great here. God is really blessing us through our work. I think we're all feeling great compassion for the people here. It's a compassion that could only come from God!
This morning, Obarry (spelling) and I finished up the joists in one bay of the warehouse, so it is now ready for the rest of the guys to start laying roofing on it. Once they finish that bay, they will probably be off to another task for a time while we try to finish joists in the next bay.
Jane had been able to help with the delivery (babies that is) process a couple times now. She seems to be really enjoying it! She helped with surgery a little this morning. Jane and Beth were just telling me that the Jesus video is playing over and over all day long in the waiting area of the hospital where the women wait to see a doctor. This is a great tool to reach those who are there. They also have a Malian pastor who stands in the waiting area and shares the gospel and hands out tracts to the women who are waiting. This is hard to believe because you'd most likely never get away with that in the emergency room waiting room at home.
I'm thoroughly enjoying working with Obarry (spelling) and the painter (don't know his name). The painter lost a hand at a young age because of a gun accident. He has a prosthetic arm and does very well with his good arm. He does a lot of metal cutting and just about anything else he's asked to do.
I haven't had a chance to upload new pictures, but Beth and Jane had some of the babies, so I'll try to get those online later today or sometime tomorrow. I want to try to record a short video of the driving here so you can see what it is like. It's very hard to describe in a way you could actually imagine.


jon mark said...

glad to hear how well things are going on your trip!!! i had to comment when i saw the statement about the Jesus video playing and the pastor in the waiting area...that is awesome!!! definitely not something you see here in lima...i'll continue to pray for you that God works in and through your life on the trip!!!

Gary K said...

Matt - sounds as though this ministry is developing your spiritual perception as well as you construction skills. Continuing to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.