Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Evening

Well, the afternoon work was much more interesting as Bob paired me up with a Malian named Obarry (spelling wrong I'm sure, but sounds like that). We were lifting ceiling rafters or joists or something like that into place and clamping them so he can weld them together in the morning. I loved working with him. He is a very understanding man and even though we couldn't communicate verbally, we did work well together...I think. Greg, John, and Ken worked on laying the sheets of roofing with Daniel helping them bolt it all down. Bill was able to get under a roof in the workshop and out of the sun to do the layouts and welding of the ceiling rafters or joists.

I posted some new pictures from today at my photo site: http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l300/matt101279/Mali/ . Hopefully it's not to hard to get to the newer pictures!
Thanks to everyone for your comments! I'm trying to pass along notes that are geared toward a specific team member so they can get messages from home!
Have a great evening everyone!


Jamie said...

So I see you guys have seen the termite hills. :) Have you seen any HUGE ones yet? And have you seen any snakes (Cobra's yet?) I was fortunate and never did.

Thanks for posting all those pictures! It helps me understand better your surrondings and what all you guys are working on. Is there any way you can take some pictures of my mom (Beth) in the kitchen? :)

I also saw in your photos that it looks like a Mosque is close to your place. Have you guys been awaken by the prayers in the middle of the night?

Stay safe! And enjoy your time!

Bethany said...


Thanks for keeping us posted. Don't you love technology!! I am glad that you are getting such great experiences. Tell everyone hi and I am praying for you all!!