Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Good morning/afternoon all. It's almost 3pm here. We had devotions at the hospital with the Malians and the missionaries. We took a tour of the hospital compound this morning. Dan Nesselroad (spelling?), the OB doctor at the hospital told us about the history of the area, the hospital, and some of the statistics of births, etc. They deliver almost 1800 babies every year in a tiny little building. Sometimes, they have deliveries happening on all the tables in the delivery room, the table in the hall, and then on the floor...He said it's still cleaner than the dirt floors in many homes.
We also started working on the roof on the warehouse. This was actually kinda fun, for me anyway, because I've never done this before. I love new experiences! Three of the guys were on the roof installing the metal sheeting, Bill and I were out getting tresses welded on. I'm mostly just running for what everyone needs. Someone has to do that, you know! I'll tell you what...Beth and Jane made ham sandwiches with avacado on them and wow, that was good. They're keeping us very well fed! They even made brownies for us for lunch.
Well, battery's dying, so I better log off for now. I pray that God will bless all those who are reading this.

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Jamie said...

I'm Beth's daughter Jamie. Looks like you guys are already experiencing A LOT of Mali! :) I was there in '97 and the memories just flowed by looking at your pictures! Just be careful taking pictures of any 'pretty statues' and stuff. Anything governmental is illegal to shoot....and you don't want to mess with the police! Oh...and don't take any photos of the police!!! But maybe they told you that already.

Glad to know mom is keeping you well fed! She is a really good cook...however, she's NEVER made anything for me with avacado in it before! Maybe she'll pick up some new ideas! :)

Praying for you guys!
Jamie Nygaard