Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Good afternoon to all. Ala ka duba l ye (God bless you). Thanks for all the comments! Work went well this morning. It feels hotter today, but less humid. We're getting into the swing of our work now. We feel like we're making progress now. Beth and Jane were sorting medical supplies this morning at the hospital. They heard of two ladies who had children outside of the hospital and carried the babies in for checkups in large hollowed out squashes and buckets.
Jamie posted some questions in a comment, so I'll try to remember them and answer them. Termite hills...Haven't seen any real big ones close. We did see some on the trip from Bamako to Koutiala. We haven't actually seen the large mosque up close. I took the picture from the rafters of the warehouse. It's right in town and I assume it's off one of the side streets from where we travel each day. We haven't heard the calls to prayer while we're sleeping because we are sleeping so soundly. We did hear it when we were waiting for someone to tow us in Bamako when we had the accident. We haven't seen any snakes that I'm aware of. We see a lot of animals around though.
Tonight, we are going to go to a Wednesday night Bible study here and Bill and Beth are going to share the story/testimony and what brought them to Mali. They did say we will have a meal at Germaine's (spelling?) sometime while we're here, so that will be very interesting and fun!
OH! John drove us to the hospital this morning and back to the guesthouse...We didn't hit anything and were going a little faster than the bicyclists! ha ha. So, that's our morning.
The picture above is of Jane and Beth cleaning up after lunch. So far, that's the only one of them in the kitchen. Hopefully, we will be able to get some pictures of them working at the hospital also.


Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting everything must be. Praying for contiued blessings for you and all who you come incontact with. God has mighty plans! Love ya, Cheryl and the Spires gang

Mary Lu said...

Hi Matt,

Great pictures and updates! Thank you - it fun to keep up with your experience. Please say hi to Jane and Beth - trust they are doing well and enjoying their work.

Enjoy the warmth while you can - we had frost on the windshields this morning!!!!

Remember, many people are praying for you and the team - soak in all the experiences God brings to you.

Mary Lu

Sarah Schmunk said...

It sounds like all is well. I love the visual of a baby being carry in a cut out squash. Seems funny to me.

Zachariah is still blowing you kisses every night. He's been really good for me, and we're trying to stay busy. Tonight we get to see horses with the kids from the LC. Then we'll go to church. I'm hoping that we get to talk again soon. I miss you. I love you very much!

Anonymous said...

hey matt, i'm just showing doris how to do this. thanks, b

Doris Erskine said...

Great job keeping us informed of what's going on over there. I just looked at all of your pictures! (all 243) Everyone here is showing a lot of interest in following your updates. I appreciate what you're doing.

Jamie said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH MATT!!!! It was so good to see my mom in her 'surroundings'!!! That kitchen is BIG!

I need to go through and see more of your pictures to see if you've added any. I can't wait until you get some more of the hospital and the babies. I hear there are triplets and twins there!!!

Did you mention in your blog that my mother was helping sort out medicine? I will have to tell my husband (he's a Pharmacist) that...he'll either get a kick out of that or be concerned for the patients! ha-ha! :)

Hope you guys had a great time experiencing a Malian home and food today! I'm praying for all of your safety and health!