Sunday, November 2, 2008

Missing Mali

Good evening to all! Blessings in the name of Jesus! I hope you all had a great Sunday.

I was thinking a little today that one week ago, we were attending Germaine's church in Mali. It was such a blessing to be there with Germaine, Barry, Terry, and all the other Malians and missionaries. God is so good and He is working in that church and in the people of Mali. To hear stories of them spreading God's love and starting new churches is just amazing. We see God working here at home, but it is so much more real when you see such a poor and spiritually needy country experiencing God. Our church will be sending another team to Mali next year, and I'm so excited for the people God will call for that trip and for the Malians and missionaries who will be blessed through them being there.

So, what's on my heart tonight? Tonight, I'm thinking about Terry Newman and the amount of work she's doing at the hospital. It seems like she's on the go all the time helping at the hospital. My prayer tonight is that God will provide more Malian workers to lighten this load on Terry...and all the other nurses and medical staff at the hospital. I also pray for God to strengthen her husband, Barry in the work he does as well. Barry is such an inspiration and I'm sure he is a real encourager to Terry in the busy times and the times of rest. For the both of them, I pray that God will strengthen them and provide them opportunities to share His love with those they come in contact with. I ask that you all will remember them in your prayers as well.

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