Sunday, February 22, 2009

Missions Festival 2009

The theme of our missions festival this year is "Lost People Matter to God!". There's a scripture that goes along with it: "For the Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost! Luke 19:10". You can see the details of our missions festival at

This morning, the choir sang a song called "Prepare the Way". It hit me as I head them sing it for the second time that my trip to Mali last year was just one tiny little part of what is preparing the way for many Malian's to come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ! Every time a building is completed...and another started, we're (every one of us that has put some kind of work into the hospital complex) taking part in a MUCH bigger plan that God has for Koutiala and all of Mali.
I got thinking a little today about how God calls individuals into missions. Early in January, some difficult things happened at work, leading to me being promoted to the top IT position within the Court. So, my thoughts today were...If God called me into missions now, would I be willing to just give up everything I've worked so hard to accomplish in my career? As I think about that, I think that the answer has to be a resounding YES! See, God provided for every accomplishment that I've experienced in life. If He gave it all to me, shouldn't I be willing to give it all up to follow Him where he calls me to go? God has a plan and if that plan would mean that I would have to leave everything I know well to follow him, I'm pretty sure I'm ready.

The latest that I'm hearing from Mali is that the hospital has hired new nurses and that Terry Newman, Jessica Schaeffer, and Olive Gifford are working closely with these new nurses to train them. I'd pray at this time for those three ladies and other Malian ladies that are performing the training. I pray that God will allow them to communicate effectively to the new nurses to make them the best nurses they can be. I also pray that these new nurses will feel a call to stay at the hospital long term once the training is complete.
Secondly, The hospital is in need of a couple things that I'd like to continue to pray for. They are in need of an x-ray machine and a government license that would allow them to import medicines.
God bless you all this week!

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