Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Spring in Ohio

Well, we've reached spring here in Ohio. It's actually 63 degrees outside! I can't wait to get my garden started!! At the same time, they've been reporting temperatures between 100 and 110 many days in Koutiala, Mali.
I've been enjoying seeing pictures and stories from Mali. It's like every time I see a pic or read a story, it all comes back in memories of my short time there. My memories still remain very vivid in my mind. God is so good in allowing me to have these memories.
I've been getting a few prayer requests from Koutiala, and I also got some information at church this morning regarding another request for Mali. First of all, Daniel and Amy Hanscome are in their last week in Koutiala. Their time there has come to an end. They will be flying back to the USA where they will be finding jobs here for at least a few years while they wait to see where God will take them next. Pray that they are extremely blessed in this last week there. Also pray that their travel back to the USA is safe and that they will be able to rest during the long trip. As they arrive back in the USA, pray that they will find jobs quickly and that God will bless them greatly through all that they do.
Secondly, pray for Ewien and Anco. Their vehicle broke down this past week and it requires a new gear box that won't arrive in Koutiala for a couple weeks. This makes their ministries more difficult as they travel quite a bit. Pray that transportation will work out for them while they wait to get their car repaired and that their ministry will remain strong during this time.
The weekle Alliance Missions prayer sheet I pick up at church says that "Gordon and Cheryl Roedding request prayer concerning the potential property for Hope Center. Someone has begun building on the property that the Roeddings had been promised. Pray for church leaders as they deal with this problem. Pray that God will provide an even better piece of property in a more suitable location." The way I understood land use in Mali is that you have to build a wall around property to keep "squatters" from coming in and building on it. I assume this is what has happened with the promised property. Just pray that a property will become available for this center to be built on.

That's all I have for today. God bless you all!!

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