Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Support Letters

Over the past week, I've been putting together a support letter to send out to all my friends and family. Last night, I printed it out after getting more ink for the printer. I also printed labels, which was a headache and a half. Our printer struggles to pull sheets of labels through straight. After several tries and a lot of wasted labels, I had all the labels printed.

My wife, Sarah, helped to put address labels on and cut up the little response slips I included with the letters. I signed all the letters and stuffed the envelopes. Oh ya, I was two envelopes short, so I'll have to make a store run today. I also need to get stamps. I'm excited to get these sent out and see how God provides for the remaining funds I need to be able to go.

It was so amazing to see how He provided in 2008, so I have a feeling He will outdo what He did back then. For some reason, I've got in my head that He may provide enough funds that my fundraising will be able to help another team member with their expenses. I'll say one thing, I'd never say anything is impossible with God!

If anyone out there feels God leading them to help support me through prayer or financially, feel free to contact me!

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