Friday, July 9, 2010

Possible Date Change

It sounds like our trip may be delayed from November/December, 2010 to April/May 2011. Situations out of the teams control have required us to re-evaluate our schedule. To get a team fully prepared for November/December, 2010 may be difficult because of personal things going on in the lives of the team. Talk at this point is leaning toward moving the trip to April/May, 2011.

I have to admit I'm slightly disappointed about not going as originally scheduled, but I know it's all part of God's almighty plan. The trip WILL happen and it WILL happen at the time God would have us to go. Really, 5-6 months difference in scheduling won't affect too much. It will only mean that the tasks we'll be doing while we are there may be slightly different. The need for computer work will remain even in the spring of 2011!! This is exciting because I'm super excited about using my computer skills and even learning more from Ken!

The other reason I'm a little disappointed is because I already have received $800 in support just from sending out support letters. Along with the money that Sarah and I set aside, I have enough to get the plane ticket! God is so good! Why do I ever doubt Him?

Please continue to pray for our team as a decision is made about scheduling for the trip. Please also continue to pray for the team members and potential team members! Additionally, please pray for health concerns for one of the team members...that God will provide a way for this member to go with no worries!