Monday, January 17, 2011

Studying and Preparing

This week, Ken sent me the manual for Moodle and the link to start using it. Moodle is a program used to set up online learning. The plan for this software is to allow the hospital to create training programs for new nurses. I've been having a good time reading through the manual and setting up a class. This will all be helpful when we work with the hospital staff to create computerized learning programs.

Tonight, Ken and I will be meeting to start working on the systems we'll be installing at the hospital. This includes the computerized learning software and the IP phone system. I'm excited to start learning and preparing for our trip.

I got all my stuff together to send in my visa application so that I can get into Mali. After I make a couple copies tomorrow, I'll get that sent in. Vicki is looking into airline ticket pricing today and hopes to have tickets ordered this week. I will need to turn in any remaining funds needed for my plane ticket this coming Sunday. I think I have all the funds I'll need for the plane ticket, but still need to raise about $900 for my remaining expenses. You can track my fundraising with the thermometer to the right of this post.

In addition to our individual trip expenses, our church is also raising funds for the phone system we will be installing. Here's what was shared Sunday morning about that:

Project for Koutiala Hospital: The Great Commission Team will be collecting funds for a communication system for the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children in Mali, West Africa. This system will allow hospital staff to more readily communicate and (most importantly) respond quicker to emergency situations, etc., especially during Malaria season which begins April 1. The Mali Team 2011 is hopeful to begin installing the system March 18-April 1. Please prayerfully consider your participation to help us reach the goal of $5,000. Make your check payable to Shawnee Alliance, put "Koutiala Phone Project" on the memo line, or on the offering envelope.

If you would like further information on how you can give toward my trip expenses or the phone project, please feel free to contact me ( Please pray for Ken and I as we prepare for the trip. Also, please pray for the phone project that funds will be raised quickly so that the system can be purchased and prepared for installation before we leave.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we approach March 18, 2011!

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