Monday, January 3, 2011

Trip Plans

It looks like it will most likely be only two of us traveling on this trip. I'm very excited because God has placed a project on the heart of Ken and the missionaries in Koutiala that is technology related! If you know me, I love technology. My job is completely based around technology and I often do computer work outside of my job too. I'm always interested in the latest technology, even though I'm often a few years behind in getting it.

Ken is in the process of planning out an IP phone system for the hospital complex. This will greatly reduce cellular phone costs among the missionaries in Mali. I'll be learning the phone system with Ken leading up to our trip so that I'm knowledgeable enough to help out. I have some experience with IP phones because we put in an IP phone system a year or so ago at work. I'm also very excited to work with Ken. Ken is an awesome man that I have grown to look up to!

I still need to send out some additional support letters to finish covering my costs. I also need to get my Mali Visa so that I can get into the country. Ya, that's important, I guess. I've been dreaming for a while now that I get to the airport and don't have my passport. Hopefully the dreams will keep me from forgetting it. Ha.

Please pray for Ken as he orchestrates this phone system project and for me that I'll be able to learn the system quickly! Please also pray that God will prepare our hearts for the trip. Additionally, please pray for our families that will remain her in the USA while we travel. Praise God for the wonderful things He has done...and will do!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear God is sending you! sounds like u need to be there!! im going to kenya in june but God has also put it on my heart to extend my mission trip after kenya to head to mali....not out of the blue,mali has been on my mind for awhile. i was wondering if you knew of any churches/schools/organizations that could use my support for about 7 days??

matt0701 said...

Thanks for visiting/commenting! We work with the missionaries in Koutiala, Mali at the Hospital for Women and Children. I know there are a lot of Christian ministries throughout Mali. You can find information about the hospital at