Saturday, February 12, 2011


Happy Saturday! It's been a fun couple of weeks for me. Ken has allowed me to bring home a couple of the phones we'll be taking to Mali. I was able to set up a server here and connect the phones up to it. I was able to call my wife in the other room. I was even able to get video calls going between the desk phone and the soft phone on the computer.

This week, we were able to get a my soft phone and Ken's desk phone to communicate over the Internet. We are able to use the phones in this way to communicate without having to use land lines or cell phones. There's still an extra step we need to figure out. We need to get the phones to connect to the Trixbox (phone server) across the Internet. If we can get this working, we'd be able to have phones at the missionaries' houses for communication with the hospital. Right now, we have the system working in a way that they will be able to call within the hospital complex. There are still some questions in our minds that probably won't be answered until we are there.

We are both very excited about our trip and how God is going to work through us. We've taken an attitude of "whatever it takes" to make this happen for the hospital and residents of Mali. With Malaria season coming up, the hospital staff will be able to better communicate throughout the hospital complex without paying cellular charges.

Please continue to pray for our project/trip. I'm sure there will still be considerable challenges ahead for us, including getting two servers and 70 phones through airport security. God has proven Himself faithful and I know he will work out everything before we even get there.

Side note: Our church is raising the funds to pay for the phone system. If you would be interested in helping reach the $5000 goal, please contact me for more information! Thanks everyone!

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Zabrina said...

Matt, thank you so much for the follow and the entries to my giveaways! I hope your trip is successful and every thing goes great for you! If times weren't so hard, I would make a donation to your church to help out. All I can do is pray along with you though.