Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Count The Miracles God Has Done

I have to say, it's been amazing to see God work in the plans for our trip! I can only describe most of the plans as miracles. Here's what God has already done:

  • Put Ken and I together for the trip

  • Placed a big need (phones) on our hearts

  • Provided the knowledge and skills we needed to prepare the phone system

  • Worked it out that one of the missionaries would be on our last flight and giving us a ride to the guesthouse

  • Provided the necessary funds for the trip and for the phone system

  • Allowed for the revocation of the travel warning that was posted late last week (I think I'll be blogging now!)

  • Provided a return ride to the airport

Please continue to pray for Ken and I to remain rested and healthy. Please pray for my son, Zac, who woke up sick this morning, that he will be healthy quickly! Please pray that travel will be safe. Please pray that the phone system will work as planned and that we won't have any major problems to work through when we get there.

God bless you all!

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