Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday Update on Saturday Morning

Good morning everyone.

Yesterday was one of those days that I think we were fighting a bit of a spiritual battle. All week, we've been on such a high seeing everything working so well. Yesterday, we tried to start getting outbound and inbound calling from and to the hospital working. We had no luck at all. I think the Internet connection at the hospital is too slow to make it work. Another thing that happened was something on the network is slowing the Internet traffic even worse. We believe it's just the added connectivity to the main router, which wasn't made to be used in the way we're using it. One other thing was that we moved a switch to making the wiring a little cleaner and broke a piece of fiber cable. Ken was able to patch the connection with another cable to get things back up.

On the positive side, Ken started building a server to do a large part of the work that the main router is. This should take a load off of that router and begin speeding things up. We're headed out to the hospital this morning to try to get these things running and to do some additional testing.

Please pray that our minds will stay focused on the project as we move into our final week of work here. It's hard to believe we've been here a week already. Pray that we'll be able to resolve the network issues so that the phones and computers at the hospital will all work well together. Pray also that we will recognize any attempts by the enemy to bring us down or to bring the project down and that through the authority God has given us, we can cast them to the feet of Jesus' cross!

Thank you to all the prayer warriors out there! Without you, it's hard to say where we would be. God bless you all!

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ksims said...

That's my Dad. Every day I'm amazed and blessed by the father, God has given me!
-Ken's Son, Kenny