Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Day Of Work Here

Wow, what an amazing trip this has been! God has been so good throughout the trip! Yesterday was a very high "mountaintop" day for me. We've been trying for months to get calling outside and inside working on the phone system. Yesterday, God turned on some lights in my head and allowed us to accomplish this. Isn't our God amazing? Sometimes, His timing isn't our timing, but we got this accomplished with His guidance just in before we leave. I was able to call the hospital from the guest house this morning. These calls are all dependent on the Internet connection speeds, but at least we know they work.

Today, we're spending mostly documenting and training for Ed in case anything would go wrong with the system when we're gone. Ed has done amazingly great in learning phone and extension configurations. God has been good there as well! Thanks, Ed, for your patience and willingness to learn! You have a lot on your plate and have still made time to learn this system!

Yesterday, we got some money changed and went shopping. Ken bought most of his stuff from the vendor that came to the guest house last night. I was more interested in stuff at one of the shops. Mind you, the shops aren't like shops in the USA. We went to this guys shop and he invited us right in to his little "hut" type shop. He took us inside to look around and then asked us to have a seat. We both sat down and he had the kids and women set everything he had out for us to look at. The whole time, I was afraid he was going to ask us to eat or drink something. He had cups and plates laying around. Thank goodness he didn't. I've actually been healthy this trip! I bought several things and we left. As we were crossing the street, we just about got plowed over by a moto. The moto came out around a semi truck. I saw the moto and stopped. Ken didn't see it and kept walking. The moto went right between us, swerving to miss us.

Tomorrow morning starts our long journey back home. Please pray for safe travel and that all our flights will be on time and as scheduled! We can't wait to see our families!

Blessings to you all!

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