Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Update

Good evening to all my friends out there! Today was our first day of work and went pretty well. We were able to get a general layout of the hospital and where phones would be located. We were also able to bridge two wireless access points. For those non-technical people reading this, that pretty much means we took two access points and connected them together wirelessly. Hopefully that makes a little sense. We placed one access point in Pod 1 and another in Pod 2. The second access point connects to the first. When a computer connects to the second access point, it can also get to the first access point.

Eventually, we will have several access points connected to the hospital network and phones will connect to any of the wireless access points and make phone calls to other phones at the hospital. We were going to work on an access point that is already at the hospital tonight, but we forgot to stop and take it on our way home.
Tomorrow, we will do more work on getting the access points connected to the hospital network. We ran into a small snag in the plan late in the day today and have to do some testing tomorrow to get things connected.

We've been eating well. Sunday, we came home to a great meal cooked by a Malian woman. It was great! I am not sure how to describe it, but it had cabbage, onions, carrots, Chicken, and maybe more in it. We ate it over rice. Sunday night, Ken and I made salads and sandwiches. They provided us with ham, salami, and cheese, along with the amazing bread here. We've been eating corn flakes with bananas for breakfast and also had apples this morning. For lunch we had leftovers from Sunday.

Tonight, we have a couple Malian men cooking dinner. They're in the kitchen right now. Mmmmm...Pork, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cole slaw! Don't think Ken and I will be any lighter when we get home!

Ken took up driving today! He got us home and back to the hospital and back home safely! That's three safe trips through town! Go Ken...and Go God! I super-appreciate that Ken is driving because I'm not sure I have the nerve to even try.

Continue to pray for God's work at the hospital! There are lots of babies being born every day. Pray for all the work the missionaries are doing and also the work of the Malians! Please also pray for Ken and I as we continue the phone project!

Sorry for any misspellings! Blogger is trying to spell check my post in French...doesn't work so well.


Bethany said...

Matt and Ken,

Know that I am praying for you!! Especially that God will give you supernatural wisdom, discernment and trouble-shooting skills.

Love my techies!!

Vicki Reeder said...

Thanks Matt! Loved reading about your day . . . . Love that bread!
Sounds like you are off to a good start, and eating well!!!!

Vicki Reeder said...

Thanks for sharing Matt! Sounds like you are off to a good start, and eating well too!!! Love that bread! Praying you will accomplish much and stay healthy!!!