Monday, March 28, 2011

Praise God It's Monday

Good afternoon! We are finishing up lunch and I wanted to share a bit of our trip with you since it's been a few days.

Friday night, we had a cookout at the Wenger's! The steaks and fish were amazing as were all the salads the families brought! We watched a movie with a laptop, projector, and sheet hanging between two patio umbrellas. Then the power went out and was out for a few hours. Rolling blackouts continue each day. No one is sure why this is happening because the power company says they've fixed the problem.

Saturday, we headed in to the hospital around 9am to do a bit more configuration on a server to manage the addressing and internet routing on the network. This seems to be helping speed the Internet traffic up a bit because the little router just couldn't handle all the additional traffic we had added with phones. I'm so glad Ken knows what he's doing with that because I've never set one up. He has some more work to do on it, but we'll get to that in the next day or so.

Sunday, we went to church at Bethel again. I just love being able to worship with people that speak another language. It's amazing how we can all worship our God in our own languages! It's also amazing to see how others worship through song, dance, and music! We had lunch with the Wenger' favorite meal...beef and noodles and mashed potatoes. In the afternoon, we went to a soccer game. That was a lot of fun. The team we were rooting for won 6-1. We had a worship service with all the missionary families and then got to go to John and Carol's to watch another movie and have snacks!

This morning, we've spent most of our time trying to eliminate radio frequency interference between all the access points we've installed. It's the same kind of idea of your microwave interfering with a portable phone in your house. All the access points were on the same channel and causing interference with each other. We're still troubleshooting this and looking at additional settings we can use to reduce this interference.

Tonight, we're headed to John and Carol's for dinner. This week, we're visiting the missionaries' homes for our evening meals. This will be a lot of fun!

Update on the 19 year old girl I told you about: We talked to Dr. Dan last night to get a status update. I could just sit and talk with Dan for hours about the miracles God is doing here! Dan told us that the young girl is doing much better and will probably be going home in the next few days. He has told her over and over that they've done all they can do and that he knows that wasn't enough. God came in to do the rest! Dan has been telling her that God loves her. She's struggling with the fact that she aborted her baby and is having a hard time believing that God could still love her and forgive her. Dan said this is kind of like telling someone that God is something completely different than they've been taught.

Please continue to pray for this young lady. Pray that she will be completely healed and that through this, she'll realize that God does love her and will forgive her. Pray that she will accept God's love and forgiveness!

For Ken and I and the phone project, I ask that you continue to pray for us as we try to stabilize the network and phones so that there won't be any major problems after we leave. Pray that our bodies will remain strong and energized to finish strong on the project the Lord has given us! We're at that point in a two week trip that exhaustion can settle in and we know we need to finish strong!

Please also pray for our families back home. I know I'm missing my family and that they are missing me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
This is Ken's sister Dena. You are doing an amazing job with the blogs! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Did you know that Ken was a basketball coach at one time? I pray that God gives you that "swinging gate" play at the buzzer to win another victory for God's team. Rest in faith,