Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, it's Thursday and the weeks almost over. It's hard to believe the things God has done through Ken and I...and all our Malian and Missionary helpers!

Today, the day started with Ken making us eggs and ham! Thanks Ken, it was a great breakfast!

I finished up training Ed on setting up phones and new extensions. Before I knew it, he was sending out phones and people are using the system quite a bit! We spent the majority of our day trying to finish up the networking. We still have several challenges ahead of us to complete the networking!

Tomorrow, I think we'll be primarily trying to finish up the networking on the west side of Pod 2 and all of Pod 3.

Tonight, we had quiche for supper! It was very good! We continue to eat way too well! We also went for a swim after supper to cool down. It's crazy how cold the water can feel after being in 106 degree weather all day.

Please continue to pray for the phone project! Pray that the excitement will continue among hospital employees and that they will not be discouraged if problems arise. Pray that God will provide wisdom to Ken and I as to how to properly finish up this networking. Also pray for a 19 year old woman who was brought the the hospital a few days ago. She had some crazy form of abortion (as if abortion isn't crazy enough) and has not been doing well since. Her heart has been beating 150 times per minute and she's been breathing 60 times per minute. According to Dr. Dan, this is very high. If she weren't so young, her body wouldn't be able to sustain itself with numbers this high. She's also on pressurized oxygen as of this morning. Please pray for healing and that God's light, love, and grace will shine through to this young woman and her family through this difficult experience.

Here's a couple pictures of the excitement of a container arriving yesterday!

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