Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Late

Wow, it's almost 10pm and we're just sitting down to relax.

Today, the day started with morning devotions at the hospital as usual. We then were off to the races trying to get the networking in the south end of pod 1 working. We found a very interesting problem. If we mount the access point in outside of the building, we get really good coverage, except in the lab. So, we moved the access point into the lab. In the lab, the access point would not bridge to the other access points. After trying several things, we found that if we mount the access point above the counter top and only along certain parts of the wall, it would bridge and we could connect to it in the lab. Outside of the lab, it doesn't seem to work so well. We have some sort of challenge with the Lab, but are unsure of what it is so far. We're hoping that having an access point in the lab will work for the lab and maybe another access point will cover the area outside the lab.

On the positive side, Ken made a phone call from one of the portable phones to a portable I was carrying. He was able to walk around most of the hospital compound talking to me without dropping the call! This is very positive! I also was able to train Ed Bonvillain to set up the Nortel phones we're using. I'll just have him do a couple more so that he's used to it when we're gone.

Tomorrow will be another day of trying to finish up the networking and probably more training for Ed with the other phones.

Oh ya, almost forgot. They got a shipping container in today at the hospital from Christ Community Church in Omaha. It was amazing to see Doctor Dan's face light up seeing some of the new medical equipment that came in. He said it's amazing to have equipment that is less than 7 years old. There's a lot of equipment being used from many years ago.

Please continue praying for the networking throughout the hospital as we try to finish that up. Please also pray for one of our next tasks, which is trying to find a way to allow the doctors to use this phone system for inbound and outbound calls from their homes to the hospital and vice versa. Please also pray for Ken's ankle. He either injured it or got bit on Monday and it's been pretty swollen and tender since. The swelling seems to have subsided slightly, but still requires some healing!

Thank you for all your prayers! It's only through God that this whole system is coming together as well as it is!

God bless you all!

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Vicki Reeder said...

Matt, you do a great job of writing. Praise God for the shipment from Omaha. That is where our son Brad and wife attend church when they aren't in China! Brad and Dan went to Asbury together. We are long time friends of the Nesselrode family.

Praying for you and Ken. Praying that the successful moments will far out number the more challenging ones. Convinced you are both there for a moment such as this. Until tomorrow, Vicki