Saturday, April 2, 2011

God Is In Control

I think this whole flight home thing is a way God is showing me that I'm not in control of anything in this world. Thank God, He is!

Our tickets have been transferred to Monday/Tuesday flights with the same airlines. We have to keep a very close eye on Air Mali flight schedules for Monday and be sure our flight out does not get cancelled/postponed. If this flight gets cancelled/postponed, we have to try to get on an earlier Air Senegal flight, paying for a ticket. I'm not sure if we'd have enough cash with us to get the tickets, so we'd have to see what we could work out. If the Air Mali flight leaves much later than scheduled, we'll probably miss our connecting flight in Dakar again. At this point, the best situation would be the Air Mali flight leaving on time. Please pray and have everyone you know pray that this flight will remain on time and that we will be able to get started home!

On a different note, we've had the opportunity to do many things today we wouldn't have gotten to do. We went to a yard sale at the U.S. Embassy in Mali. We also got to go tile shopping with Kristen, Angela, and Doug. It's fun to see the shops and all that goes on in the streets here. We've also gotten a little taste of what happens when a missionary gets a house and has to do the usual "decorating". We had lunch at a great, new, little place. It was amazing!

I'm really missing my wife and son. It's been over two weeks now since I've seen them. The fact that our arrival home was seriously delayed isn't helping that much. I am very thankful that we have quite a bit of support from the local missionaries and a safe, comfortable place to rest.

Please continue to pray for our flight situations. Please also pray for me as I struggle through letting God have control over the situation! Please pray that our bodies will hold out and that we'll get the rest/sleep we need when we need it. Please pray for Ken as he took the last anti-malarial pill he brought with him. That leaves a few days without it. Please also pray for our families at home who are trying to stay strong even with all the delays and confusion.

Thank you to all our prayer warriors out there! Your prayers have been greatly felt throughout this trip! We are very blessed to have such faithful prayer warriors on our side. We are also extremely blessed to have a relationship with the one true God! It's hard to see so many people here that do not know the one true God that I know.

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